Fluid is an AI that can automatically find and fix fatal security vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts.

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We train our AI on a myriad of different smart contract models written in Solidity and Haskell and have developed a search space large enough to understand most fatal security vulnerabilities to automatically patch them.

Supporting Haskell and Solidity

More to come...


In this function a malicious user will be able to extract several times his own Ether balance from the contract before updating the internal balance of that user. Which means, stealing all the funds of the bank in one function call.


AI identifies vulnerability, will parse through a search space to find a test suite of solutions to show the developer. The developer will pick one and the AI will automatically modify the source with the patch.


Set the balance of the user to 0 and then send the corresponding Ether balance using the more secure function `msg.sender.transfer()`. That way the balance of the user will be zero when you try to extract it again from the same function call.

Haskell and Solidity

We intend on initially focusing on Haskell and Solidity written Smart Contracts. We will eventually start training with other languages to start catering to all security vulnerabilities.

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Haskell and Solidity example

Immediate roadmap

  • May

    Launching first Solidity version onto the Test Network.

  • June

    Haskell version onto the Test Network.

    Launch Product on Product Hunt.

    Partnered with EtherDelta, ForkDelta and IDEX. (Partnering with: Bittrex, KuCoin, Huobi, HitBTC).

  • July

    Continue training from incoming data of testnet.

    Crowd-sale ends.

  • September

    Launch both languages (Solidity and Haskell) on Mainnet.

  • October

    Partner with major Financial/Legal institutions to pilot with our Product

  • January 2019

    Open up usage to start training with other languages. (Next hop will be Javascript e.g other frameworks like React, React Native).

Since inception

  • April 2016


  • May 2017


    17,000 users in 30 Days.

  • Q2 2017

    Presented at TiE Boston, Harvard iLab, & MIT Media Lab.

  • Q3 2017

    Piloted with 3 teams in Bay Area.

  • February 2018

    Funding from Execs at Boston Private Bank, Rogers Corporation, and MIT Media Lab.

  • March 2018

    Fully Funded Private Sale.

Round 2 - aqua coin private sale

April 23rd - May 1st

  • Quantity

    10,000,000 tokens with 80% bonus.

  • Conversion

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    May 1st to June 1st

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    2000 ETH

Round 3 - aqua coin presale

May 1st - June 1st

  • Quantity

    12,000,000 tokens with 50% bonus.

  • Conversion

    6000 ETH or $0.50

Round 4 - aqua coin public sale

June 1st to July 1st

  • Quantity

    12,500,000 tokens with 20% bonus.

  • Conversion

    10, 000 ETH or $0.80